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We are a law firm dedicated to providing Canadian citizens, residents & companies with exceptional cross-border & U.S. immigration legal services. No matter where in Canada you are located, we can help you resolve your U.S. immigration matter.

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Whether you need a U.S. waiver, a work visa, a green card, or have a unique and complex case, experience the difference that comes with hiring an experienced U.S. immigration lawyer to handle your matter.

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As Canada’s number one trading partner, it is becoming increasingly necessary for Canadians to travel to the U.S. for business and work purposes. We can help to ensure your business assignments in the U.S. are not hindered by U.S. immigration or cross border issues.

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If you are having trouble entering the U.S., or believe that you may need a U.S. waiver, we can help you resolve your cross-border issues. Contact us today so that you can enter the U.S. quickly and smoothly without being held up.


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We represent individuals and companies all across Canada in need of U.S. immigration and cross-border services. Our practice is focused exclusively on U.S. immigration law, and our lawyers provide customized, innovative, and effective legal solutions. More than anything, we are dedicated to providing successful results by taking into consideration our clients’ short and long-term immigration objectives. As such, we encourage all companies and individuals seeking U.S. immigration or cross-border services to utilize our experience and expertise.

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Our lawyers have the experience, expertise, and professionalism to provide you with the highest quality of legal representation in U.S. immigration and cross-border matters. Contact us today to arrange a time to speak with one of our U.S. immigration lawyers.

Ife Ashabo

Ife Ashabo is the owner of Stafford Immigration Group and Managing Attorney for the firm. As an experienced U.S. immigration lawyer, Mr. Ashabo practices exclusively in the field of U.S. immigration law, and has a…

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Monty Silley

Monty’s practice is dedicated exclusively to US immigration. He has extensive experience representing clients in a diverse array of immigration matters, including family & employment based immigration, nonimmigrant visas…

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Eric Tibbs

Eric specializes in all types of immigration cases, including applications for permanent residence, family sponsorships, work visa applications, & citizenship cases. Eric also provides a full range of immigration litigation…

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Syeda Hamdani

Syeda represents and advises Canadian companies and individuals in all areas of U.S. immigration and cross-border law. With more than 14 years of experience handling cases exclusively in the field of U.S. Immigration, Syeda has helped thousands of…

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Douglas Cowgill

Douglas A. Cowgill is an attorney with more than six years of experience focusing in the area of US immigration law. Previously, he worked for one of the largest immigration firms in North America, assisting individuals & corporations of all sizes with a vast…

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Let us know how we can help you by completing our online assessment form. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.
J-1 Visitor Exchange Program for Trainees

J-1 Visitor Exchange Program for Trainees

A. Overview What is the J-1 Visitor Exchange Program? The exchange visitor program for trainees (J-1) was created to promote educational and cultural exchange between the U.S. and other countries. J-1 status can be obtained by individuals who wish to enter the U.S. to...

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Comparing Visas: L-1 vs. E-2

Comparing Visas: L-1 vs. E-2

There are many options for those who wish to relocate to the U.S. for the purposes of starting a business. However, two of the most commonly used business visas are the L-1 visa and the E-2 visa. This blog article compares the two visa classifications. L-1 Visa –...

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Varun Khurana

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