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“I wish to thank the Stafford Immigration Group for the very professional job their team did with my TN1 visa application. The Stafford Immigration Group was extremely helpful, * their honesty & integrity were evident. I highly recommend their services, & I will certainly continue to use their team moving forward.” www.advancedhypnosis.ca

Ines Simpson

NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Advanced Hypnosis and Training Institute

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Stafford Immigration Group for doing a great job in obtaining Wirkle’s L1 visas. They are very knowledgeable in regards to US immigration matters, gave us the right advice, filed our L1 applications, & made sure we obtained our visas. We look forward to doing more business together.”

Varun Khurana

CEO, Wirkle Technologies Private Limited

“One of the more difficult and stressful life experiences a person can have is moving to a different country; the legal requirements alone can be overwhelming. The Stafford Immigration Group have made my son’s dream of working as a Chef in one of the top gourmet restaurants in Arizona come true under the J-1 Training program. The paperwork alone was extensive and very difficult to understand, but their lawyers made this process relatively easy. They were great with replying to all the questions I had, from the very start to the final receipt of the I-94. I would sincerely recommend the Stafford Immigration Group to anyone who wants to enter the US on a J-1 Training Visa or several other work related visa’s. Very Sincerely,”

Brian Harris

Chef, Brian Harris for Joel Harris

“Thank you very much for your expertise and professionalism in the processing of my L1 visa petition. The quality service you and your team provided certainly put me at ease during a very hectic time. I was impressed with how accessible you make yourself, always answering calls and following-up in a timely manner. The presentation and structure of the petition were impeccable and extremely well organized. It seems the CBP officer at the port of entry was equally impressed as he granted me the visa in a matter of minutes.” www.worldcourier.com
Mathieu Landry

World Carrier Management Inc.

“I am currently working in the U.S. on an L1 and needed to file a petition to renew my visa. The problem was, the lawyer who helped me obtain my visa originally made several mistakes in the handling of my case. As a result, there was a good chance my visa would not be renewed. This was an extremely stressful period for me and my family. My company contacted Stafford Immigration to handle my case. Generally, immigration lawyers just listen to your problem and then start filling out forms. Stafford Immigration was not like that. Their lawyers studied and understood the case completely and discussed all of the issues with us. While the other lawyers insisted my visa would probably not be renewed, they remained positive about our prospects. Stafford Immigration was also very professional and was amazing at responding to my emails and phone calls. I am happy to write that my L1 renewal was approved, a result that no one in my company was expecting, so it really is a big deal for us. Thank you so much!”  www.appulse.com

Amitabh Arya

Project Lead, Appulse, Inc.

“My status as a business traveller has recently changed and resulted in some difficulty crossing the US border. I contacted Stafford Immigration and their lawyers quickly determined that I required a TN Visa. After our telephone consultation and in view of a fast approaching business trip to the USA, their staff put together a very professional petition for a TN Visa in less than 3 business days. While the petition was exemplary and very professional, they also took the time to discuss the process and what to expect during the interview with CBP personnel at the border. Personally I have done extensive research and spoken to several immigration experts, however Stafford Immigration Group was the most knowledgeable of all. I strongly recommend them to any corporation or private individual who requires a Visa for business activities in the USA.”

Frank M. Trivieri

Management Consultant, Drie-D Americas

“I just finished reading the RFE Response that was filed a couple months back, and I must say everything in it was gold. Your lawyers are terrific writers and really know the law. I have no idea how you were able to articulate the technical aspects of the job duties in the response without having a background in programming, but you did. You also did an excellent job of explaining how our framework was developed and why a programmer with special knowledge is needed for the project. Again, thank you so much for helping our company get the visas approved.”  www.worldchains.com

Wasif Ahmad

CEO and Founder, World Chains

“On behalf of WPI, I just want to let you know how happy we are with the services you have been providing us. We are continuously impressed with the thoroughness and thought you put into our cases. You are always easy to reach, prompt in answering questions, and never hesitate to explain the law and procedure. We definitely feel we are in good hands and will not hesitate to recommend you.”

Durgesh Suman

CEO, Web Pages India.

“I found the team at Stafford Immigration to be extremely effective, and feel confident that I have hired a top US immigration law firm. As a result of their efforts, we are now able to grow our business by bringing in Canadian staff to assist in the management and direction of our company. Thanks again to the team at Stafford Immigration.”  www.jfzimmer-ontheroadmachining.com

Jeff Zimmer

Sales and Marketing, On the Road Machining

“I would like to take the time to thank the Stafford Immigration Group for the amount of professionalism in which they handled my TN Visa. Thanks to them and their vast experience in handling U.S.Immigration, I successfully obtained my work visa. A few other law firms were hesitant and not very optimistic about working in the Aviation Consulting field; however Staffordwas extremely positive and confident of a successful outcome. Again thank you very much!”

Thomas Scianitti

Aviation Consultant, Excel Industries